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Jordan Menton

Jordan Nicole Menton was Born April 19th 1997 in Lubbock, Texas. She attended New Deal High School where she went to state her freshman year in 5 events and then again her sophomore year. Unfortunately while playing basketball for the Lady Lions Jordan tore her ACL in the Area game, and then proceeded to tear it again her senior year during the season. After graduating high school she returned to New Deal where she was a substitute teacher in the Elementary for three years. Shortly after turning 21 Jordan found out she was going to have a child, and February 9th 2018 she was blessed with a little boy, Braelan Jay Jackson. In 2019 Jordan and one of her close friends, Devlynn, created the idea of the clothing brand along with the help of his Aunt Janiece Smallwood. In June of 2020 she had to undergo yet another knee surgery due to an injury at work, and is currently in therapy and recovering nicely. Since being hurt she has found a love for art and started painting, in which one of her paintings alone will be featured on the cover of Devlynn’s new book, and could possibly be featured within the clothing brand.