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Devlynn Javon

Born in Plainview, TX. 1997, Devlynn Javon was introduced to a life different from others. After being taken into foster-care and raised in Lubbock, TX, in 2001. He was adopted by a family at the age of eleven. After moving out at seventeen, Devlynn graduated months early and signed up for the military in 2015. Devlynn started writing poetry at the age of fourteen and while on active duty began the idea of his first book. He received an under-honorable discharge, while completing and starting the production of his first book in 2017. At the same time unfortunately, being introduced to homelessness. In 2019, Devlynn created the idea of his clothing brand with his friend, Jordan Menton and his Aunt Janiece Smallwood. In 2021, after changing his name and overcoming many hardships not only did he accomplish the completion of the publication of his first book “Unspoken Words” in January. Devlynn and his publisher also agreed to the terms of his second book; soon after he released the clothing brand, "Devines Apparel".


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