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Start Of "10-10-20 Smallwood"

The "10-10-20 Smallwood Plan" is not only built to help the children's home and homeless veterans. It is named after and dedicated to Janiece Smallwood, the aunt of Devlynn Javon. Who helped him return home to Lubbock to be close to family in 2018. Showing endless amounts of knowledge and love towards him and all of her peers. In 2020,  Janiece Smallwood was diagnosed with cancer, still teaching and loving her family. She helped put the final touch on the final copy of the brands logo. This brand is dedicated to Janiece Smallwood, and those who too, are fighting a similar fight. Her name will be printed on most products.

On the morning of January 15, 2021, owner Devlynn Javon and Co-Owner Jordan Menton. Sat with representatives and the President of The Children's Home Of Lubbock. After sharing stories, ideas and explaining the thought of the "10-10-20 Smallwood" plan, an consensus of a partnership and mentor program was formed.

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